Logical CircuitsΒΆ

The class LogicalCircuit, which is found in the circuits namespace, is a logical analog of the class QuantumCircuit. The LogicalCircuit class has the same methods and attributes as QuantumCircuit; however, there are a few changes in the behavior of some of the methods. As the two classes are very similar, I will give a few examples of using the LogicalCircuit class to illustrate their differences.

An instance of a LogicalCircuit can be created using the following lines:

>>> import pecos as pc
>>> logic = pc.circuits.LogicalCircuit()

Instead of gate symbols, the append method of the LogicalCircuit class accepts LogicalGates directly. Also, if a LogicalCircuit contains a single qecc then a gate location is not needed:

>>> surface = pc.qeccs.Surface4444(distance=3)
>>> logic = pc.circuits.LogicalCircuit()
>>> logic.append(surface.gate('ideal init |0>'))
>>> logic.append(surface.gate('I'))