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PECOS stands for “Performance Estimator of Codes On Surfaces.” PECOS is a Python framework for studying, developing, and evaluating quantum error-correction (QEC).

PECOS balances functionality, simplicity, and extendability. Classes representing key elements in the study of QEC–such as QEC protocols, decoders, error models, and simulators–are decoupled from each other. These elements of QEC can be developed separately, allowing you to extend PECOS and study novel topics in QEC.


The first incarnation of PECOS was created by Ciarán Ryan-Anderson in June 2014 to verify the lattice-surgery procedures in arXiv:1407.5103 [LRA14]. Since then, PECOS has been expanded to become framework for studying general QECCs and has lead to the development of a fast stabilizer-simulation algorithm arXiv:1812.04735 [RA18].

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>>> make html

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